Why Every Person Should Meditate?

Meditation is a word that at least once in a life every person have heard, read or maybe already are practicing. In this technology world, where information reaches us in an enormous speed and changes very fast as well it can be really hard to process everything and stay focused at the same time. We start to feel

How meditation and this fast technology world ‘thing’ can be related? I think answer is obvious. When we get loads of information from 10 different places, 10 more people are trying to contact us and we have 10 assignments which deadlines are approaching, but at the same time we still want to find time to go to gym and spent time with our loved ones. It is difficult and the more we want to do the bigger anxiety and stress attacks us. No matter how hard focused, multitasking champion you are, stress and some kind of anxiety kicks in once in a while.

We can compare how our relatives lived before us and what struggles they faced in a daily basis. They were living in a times when food was a deficit, they work very hard in a fields from the sunset till the sun went down, there where no loads of unnecessary information and no one knew who the Internet was. That way they were exhausted physically and not much mentally. Now tables have turned and people get more exhausted mentally from working with information, meetings, people, businesses and etc.

What is Meditation in general?

You can read loads of books on topic of meditation, you can watch even more videos on YouTube to learn more about meditation and you can also read a lot of articles in the Internet that covers what meditation is. So there is more than enough sources to learn about meditation.

I have read articles, watched videos and it become very stressful experience for me. I wanted to know better what meditation is how could I practice it on my own, but it turned out to be so annoying, because there is soooooo many information. The biggest struggle for me was to choose whom to believe? Every person have a bit different approach of what mediation really is how you HAVE to do it.

After watching way too many videos and reading way to many articles I decided to have my own definition of what meditation is and how I think every person can practice it daily.

It nothing more than just being. And being conscious about it. That’s it. For me it is simply being and when I defined it as just being I felt relieved, because all these things like ‘you have to meditate just in the morning’, ‘you have to sit in a specific position to meditate’, ‘you must light candles’, ‘you have meditate no less that 15 minutes two times a day’ and etc. gave me the real anxiety and not the chill moment at all. I didn’t even wanted to do it anymore and it seemed too much of a work for me.

So how to meditate??

Now for me meditation is in every moment trying to be present and as conscious as I can. If I am cooking dinner and have a free moment I look through the window and absorb everything that goes around, I even close my eyes and listen to the birds, maybe car goes by or I can hear that my cat comes from another room. I let all of those sounds be, I hear them, I except them and trying not to think of anything else at the moment, just about the sounds that I hear. If I am riding on a bus, I am listening to sounds that surrounds me, absorbing everything that is happening and trying not thinking about anything else.

Try to find peace in this chaos world, try to hear what is happening, absorb it and let it go, be present, hear your breathing, try not to think about any of your problems and it you slip just try to concentrate back on your breathing again. The process here is much more important than the result and try to enjoy it as much as you can, if it is a pleasant experience for you, you won’t do it for a long time. So the most important thing is to find out what works for you, maybe you are the type that sites in a lotus pose, lights the candles and this gives you joy, then go ahead! If you can not find time for this, just try my method to find peace in everything that you do and after a while maybe you will fall in love with.

Experiment and try what works for you. Meditation really helps to calm down, to come back to reality and be conscious about everything that surrounds you. With clearer head you can be more productive and it just benefits everyone – you, your work and of course family.

Thanks for reading and taking time!
See you on the next post!

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