Quarantine: How To Spend This Time Productively?

This time that we are in is very strange and unusual for all of us and there is no disagreement with that. We have to change our usual routines: don’t go outside and work from home if it is possible, delay our meetings and cancel flights. Not even talking about important occasions like weddings or other family gatherings that we have to miss.

But after all the health is the number one priority and we have to pay attention to this situation. Any kind of unsafe or irresponsible behavior can cause you or your family to be in danger, so stay at home as much as you can and let’s all wait this situation out together!

Being at home for some people is not a big deal, maybe because some are already working from home or taking care of children and not much has changed. But there are many people who are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and miserable because they have to stay or work at home. In every storm, we can find some peace.

Down below we will be giving you 5 suggestions that can be helpful while trying to spend this time at home productively and as much at peace with yourself as possible.

  1. Plan your day
    Planning your day and the things that you have to do is very helpful does not matter if you are working from home or not. Make a list of things and mark any one of them when it is finished, so that you will get a good feeling of accomplishment. This will make really easy to get you through the day and not feel miserable or that ‘you have done nothing’.

    If you are not working from home, but because of your work specific you can not go to your job, you can make some kind of plan for your day as well. Plan when you are going to get up, making breakfast, doing some sports, reading books, or clean, it is really up to you. But at this, if you are jobless it is important to get yourself busy with some kind of activity. So making plan and every day doing some stuff will be boosting your self-confidence indeed.

  2. Try to be active
    Being at home gets very difficult for many people to not stop being active and do sports. Because all the gyms are closed and there better not to go to parks and any other places where you can get some physical activity. But if there is a will there is always a way! There are plenty of videos on YouTube with workouts at home that require no equipment. One of my favorite channels out there is FitnessBlender. For many years now I am using their videos to workout at home and it is amazing! These two people are so nice, honest, and just by watching them talking, you can feel how simple and good people they are. So I highly recommend you check out their channel!

  3. Reading, reading, and again reading!
    Read magazines, books, and everything that you have in your house! This is the time to grab that book that has been waiting for you in the bookshelf for years. Benefits of reading are known to everyone so I think this activity is one of the most obvious of what you can do, but also one of the most beneficial. With reading, you can kill a lot of time and this way days will be going faster!

  4. Online courses!
    This is just a perfect time to spend time learning something. And I know that learning on your own could be hard and not so interesting, but trust me it’s going to worth it in the long run. Just now by writing this motivation in me said that I will be going to listen to one lesson after finishing this about SEO that I am currently learning! There are plenty of options where you can find online courses on any topic, like Udemy or Skillshare. Check those out and I am sure that you can pick something for yourself. And if you don’t want to spend money you always can look back at YouTube, there are more than plenty of free videos that can teach some new things or even skills.

  5. Do nothing! (Once in a while)
    Yes, you read correctly! I think this time was given to us with a purpose to just slow down and stop doing anything for a second. Yes, the circumstances that gave us this time is not the most pleasant, but let’s just take everything good out of it. We have to stay home, we can not meet friends or relatives, but we can dedicate this time to watch that Netflix series that we wanted but never find time for it or just start painting and crafting like in a childhood. I think as important it is to be productive, be learning and never stoping it is also very important to do things that give you calmness and feeling of relaxation. Find balance!

We hope it was helpful and you found some ideas that you can try to experiment in your daily life!

See you on the next post!

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