7 Easy Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Productivity is the key when we want to achieve any kind of goal, complete a task, or any other huge assignment that our boss wants us to get done by tomorrow. We need to be able to manage our time to get the most of it and sometimes it can get really hard and frustrating especially when we are swamped with tasks. Now here are some tips of how you can increase your productivity.

Plan your day the night before
Before going to bed find 5 to 10 minutes to just sit down and write down all the most important things that are essential for you to do tomorrow. It not will only give you a concrete plan of how your day will look, but will decrease stress and you won’t feel lost during your busy day.

Do the most important things first
It is very important to highlight 2-3 the most important things out of all and do them first thing in the morning when you are just woken up and the most productive. You will feel relieved when all the hardest work will be done and going with your day easier tasks will follow.

Concentrate on one task.
Or in other words do not multitask, unless this is the most productive way for you to work of course, then multitask for sure! But many people make many mistakes while doing it, they get easily distracted, they jump from one thing to another, which leads to making mistakes or not finishing the tasks at all.
Concentrate on one thing at once, give it all your attention and do it from the beginning to the end, just after that grab another task. This way most probably you will do it even faster and will be making fewer mistakes.

Take breaks
If you are working with a computer then do regular breaks of 10 minutes every hour, this will not only help your eyes to relax, but you will get up from your chair and move around those stiff muscles. Also, you will look with ‘fresh‘ eyes to your work/task when you come back and maybe problems or questions that you had before will solve out much easier.

Avoid distractions
Try to put your phone away, turn off sounds that could distract you. Phone notifications or music could really distract you from your work so try to avoid them and you can even make a rule for yourself, for example: check your phone/email or other notifications when you will be having your break. This way you will be checking with your co-workers or friends and get your things done peacefully.

This would seem not relevant to getting your work done, but this is very essential. Exercising helps to recharge your body with energy which helps to be more productive and you can even do more work after a good workout. Your body gets more oxygen while moving and this automatically makes you more ‘zippy‘. So when you feel overwhelming with your work just take 15-25 minutes to exercise and you will definitely see the difference.

Have a time off
This one is very important as well. While having free weekends or other days try to spend them somehow different that you could not think about the work things that you will need to do on Monday. Spend some time with your family, take a walk in the park with your dog or just have a pumper day at home, it is up to you, but try not to include any work related business into this. You will see how refreshed and energized you will be on Monday.

So these are my 7 easy tips to increase productivity that I discovered and that works for me the best. You may have already been using some of these tips or some of these might be new to you, but in anyway I hope this was helpful, practical and you will adapt it in your life. I am preparing some new tips and tricks for you in the future so stay tune!

Have a nice and productive day!
See you on the next post!

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