5 Best Cafes in Kaunas

Kaunas is a big city and there are lot of good cafes, you just have to choose which one is the most dearest for you and while being just a tourist it could be difficult to decide.

As a tourist myself I love to find good cafes to just sit down and have a coffee while I am visiting other cities or countries. My favorite coffee is latte and I love to enjoy a good latte in every cafe that I visit.

I will give you a list of 5 best cafes in Kaunas, which in my opinion are worth visiting.

Green Cafe
It is a must for every tourist! The quality of coffee in this cafe is the best out of all that I have visited (and I have visited probably every cafe in Kaunas). Flavor and smell are very rich and tender. Costs are not high, average price is about 2-3 euros for the bigger size cup.

There are 4 Green cafes in Kaunas: Laisvės al. 46 and Laisvės al. 80, Shopping centers: “Mega” (Islandijos pl. 32) and Akropolis” (Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49). Just type these addresses in your phone and it will show you the directions of how to reach it.

Caif Cafe
This cafe is very casual and fits perfectly if you are on the go and just quickly came to pick up your coffee. Coffee here is good, tasty, I really like that they suggest different special tasteful coffees, also various seasonal tastes. They always suggests and thinks of something new that is why you are always curious to come back, also atmosphere is every cafe is so warm.
There are 2 Caif Cafe places in Kaunas: Shopping center “Hyper Maxima” (Savanorių pr. 255) and Šarkuvos g. 1A.

Kavos Bankas (Coffee Bank)
This one is a bit different, because Coffee bank is more like a company who sells their coffee products in cafes like Green cafe of internet shop, but they have one place where you can actually taste it. If you are a fan of a good espresso or rich black coffee you will love this cafe.
You can find it in shopping center “Akropolis” (Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49) as well as previous two cafes. Look for a big cart in the first floor near elevator.

Knygų Ministerija (Mynestry of books)
If you like reading and drinking coffee this cafe is absolute best for you. You can select books, read them, have a nice and relaxing time while enjoying fresh and tasty cup of coffee. This cafe place is different that the others just because it’s like a book and coffee shop in one place.
You can find this cafe in Laisvės al. 29 and in a Shopping center “Mega” (Islandijos pl. 32).

Ali Šokoladinė (Ali chocolate)
This cafe is very luxurious and looks aesthetically very pleasing. The beauty of desserts that they offers will blow your mind and coffee of course is delicious. Atmosphere is very rich but warm and welcoming at the same time, costs are a bit higher, but I think you will not regret spending any extra euro.
You can find this cafe in Laisvės al. 41.

So there is my 5 best cafes in Kaunas, but of course there are much more cafes to grab coffee and a snack in this city. I choose these 5 cafes because they are different from others and they impressed me the most. It’s really just my opinion, you can visit any other cafe and I believe you will enjoy it a lot! Till this day I still go to these cafes, these are my best spots, but I do really love to explore and try something new, so if there will be any new cafe that would blow my mind, of course, I will share my experience and maybe a recommendation!

Have a delicious coffee exploring!
See you on the next post!

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