4 Tips To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is one of the keys that helps us go through the life. It decides how we react to certain situations, how we deal with it and as well how we feel. Self-confidence starts to form at a very young age and always develops depending on our experiences, education, people that we meet and many more.

During all this time, while we develop as humans, we learn new things, meet new people everyday, we experience new things and feelings. We approach all of these things differently, we react in a certain way and how we react depends on our self-confidence, on our past experiences, environment, self-talk and etc..

It is important to pay attention to your feelings, emotions and how you react to certain situations. Most of the time our reaction says a lot about our self-confidence. Few of the self-confident person features are body talk, firm voice, not being afraid to laugh at yourself and always staying true to your position/opinion on any topic.

There are 5 tips that I think helps boost your self-confidence:

Positive Attitude/Right Self-talk

I have met a lot of people that are talking so bad about themselves, they always finds a way to somehow criticize their looks, achievements, lifestyle and the list goes on and on. I was this person once as well and to go out of this bad self-talk circle is not easy, you really have to work with yourself and be willing to change.

We develop these thinking patterns during life, it is normal that we feel pressure from the outside world to look certain way, to work certain jobs or find certain person to be with. Especially these days when we have social media it is very easy to lost ourselves, loose self-confidence thinking that we don’t look or don’t do things that we should be doing.

So to filter out things that are truly important and to which we should pay attention is pretty hard. But you always have to ask yourself what do you value, what are your priorities and does any super model with perfect body determines that you should look the same?? Of course not, try to filter information that you see and ask yourself does this really matters to me and why does this even effects me? Questions like these will be helpful to see situation from different perspective and be more conscious about the situation.

But if you find it difficult to filter out information and if you still feel bad seeing certain things, just delete apps from your phone that produces this content. Or if you come across things that also make you feel less good in a real life, try to avoid these situations or people. To put yourself out from these situations is very healthy, because within time you will feel better and it will be easier to change your attitude when other time you will find yourself in that situation.

As well as that try to always say good things about yourself, say it out loud to yourself, if you can’t or feel embarrassed say it in your head. Try to see good in every person, situation or any other aspect, you will be surprised how good that could feel. Eventually your approach to things will change, of course, this takes time, but it will be sooo worth it!

Doing Sports

I know, I know.. This is so cliche and I guest you already read hundreds of articles that says to exercise and all your problems will go away. But however, this is true and I can’t not to mention it as one of the tips to boost your self-confidence.

A number of studies shows and explains that psychical activity helps to boost your self-esteem. It boosts your ability to be more active in daily life, because you get more oxygen into your body and this makes you feel energized. Automatically you are able to do more tasks during the day and this helps you to feel that you have achieved more, which also increase your self-confidence.

Most of the times you don’t even have to do an hours of exercising, sweating in the gym or running your lungs and heart out on 10 kilometers. This is very unnecessary (unless you like, of course) and it only takes from 10 to 30 minutes of moving/exercising to make you feel more energized and boost your self-esteem. It is always a good idea to do more exercising, to strengthen your body and heart, but if you are beginner at exercising it is a good idea to start at 10 or 15 minutes at a day. Even 10 minutes of stretching can really help you feel better.

And! Always do something that you like, find your own exercising routine that you enjoy the most!

Reading Books

It is no secret that reading books and educating yourself is very welcoming characteristic feature that every person should have. Of course, not all people likes to read, others prefer listening to audio books or watching videos with visuals. Every single of these ways to learn things are encouraging and has its own pluses and minuses.

Reading books helps you with your language in general, it is easier to create sentences, express your thoughts much more clearly and your dictionary gets richer. You will eventually feel that is easier for you to talk to people, you always have something to say and your self-confidence automatically will increase.

Listening to audio books is also a very great way of saving time and learning valuable things at the same time. If you have busy life, it is hard for you to find time for just sitting down and reading a book, listening to audio books could be very good solution. It helps you with your imagination and concentration skills, also you learn new things and get much more confident.

The more you know, the better you feel, the more you can give out to people surrounding you and the world itself. You will never miss by investing into your mental health, getting a sharper mind and getting to know more and more stuff.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This one is kind of scary for me, because getting out of your comfort zone requires a lot of courage and determination. It is terrifying for some people, because you never know what to expect while doing something for the first time. But this is one of the best things what you could do to boost your self-confidence, because feeling after going out of your comfort zone is the best. After achieving one thing you can easily get addicted to go out of your comfort zone more and more often.

I know most of the people get anxiety while preparing to do something that scares them, I am that person as well, so I know it is scary and the easier way is always not do anything. But achieving small things like randomly talking to the stranger, first time making a presentation or flying on a plane alone. Every single thing when doing it for the first time is scary and a little challenging, but once you have done it, the feeling is awesome. Feeling, that you achieved something really makes you much more confident.

I would suggest to start going out from your comfort zone just by doing small things that you normally don’t do everyday, like asking the stranger for directions (even if you know where to go), going to cafe or restaurant alone and just spend some time with yourself (if you usually don’t go to the restaurants or cafes alone this one is great) or going to the cinema alone is also a great one to start.

The point I am making is that you should start small and then going out for something bigger and bigger. If you are very shy and don’t feel confident you probably won’t make a presentation about finances in front of 1000 people. But to alone to cinema or cafe sounds not too bad, right?

I hope this was helpful and you got some ideas of how you can sometimes boost your self-confidence and even if not of those tips was suitable for you, I am glad you decided to read my post!

See you on the next post!

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