4 Online Jobs You Can do From Home

Working online, making your own schedule, traveling and being your own boss, doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? I guess a lot of us have been thinking about this at least once in a while. But if you are whiling to make this dream come true all of the possibilities are open and you just have to do some research and pick the right online job that you like the most!

If you don’t have an idea of what you could do online and you feel confused, just relax, I will give you 6 ideas of what you can do, here it is:

Blog writing

I think this is one of the easiest what you can do online and turn it into a real business. Of course you have to spent some time while choosing the platform and creating the design of your blog and all the technical stuff, but all of this is done just once, so once you done it, you can move on and start thinking of the ideas to write about.

I choose WordPress for my blog, I considered other pages as well, but this seemed the easiest to start with. There is also a Blogger.com, there is also a lot more platforms, so you can do the research on your own and pick which ever is the most comfortable for you.

If you are creative, you like cosmetics, fashion, animals, cooking, sewing or have any other hobbies, I think you already know what topic to start writing about on your blog.

Just don’t be afraid to be creative, storm out ideas and write about something that you really like. Writing about something that you like will help you to be consistent with it and write maybe even daily.


If your native language is any other than English, you can have a really good chance to do translations from English to your native language. There are 983 million people in the world who speaks English or 13% of the world’s population, according to Ethnologue, so this shows how many people understands and uses this language.

If you are native speaker of any other language you can really use this advantage in doing translations to companies or individuals. As well as that there are websites where you can suggest your translating or proofreading services and get paid. One of the website where you can publish your services is Upwork, I really like this site, everything is very easy to understand, you just put your information, describe yourself and services you can provide, then they have to confirm your application and you are good to go!

If you don’t like translating, but you are good at noticing details, are attentive and your English grammar is on point, you should consider doing proofreading. Proofreading is like a final step, checking the written document and correcting punctuation, spelling or vocabulary errors. As well as any other of your talent you can share your proofreading services at Upwork.

Editing photos/videos

If you consider yourself a creative person, who has a good eye for the photos, you can notice which angle needs some touches that photo would look good, you should consider start making some money of it.

This is getting more and more popular and people are willing to pay money for someone who edit their photos or videos. Mainly this is a popular amongst the influencers. It is important for them to have a pretty feed on Instagram or Facebook, so many of them are investing into pretty photos or short but quality high videos.

And I would suggest to start with small influencers or small businesses, because they are much more compliant with starting creators. They do not want to pay a lot of money to get things done, because they are not very famous and do have much income and etc. And as well as you as a starting creator, do not want to charge people too much money, because you want to get more clients and get your works more popular between incluencers. The best commercial is getting positive feedback from your clients and with the time you can start charging them more money, because you get more clients, get busier and more popular as an starting entrepreneur.

Virtual Assistant

To be a virtual assistant you do not have to be special or have some crazy skills. You just have to be quick, have a sense of time management and planning, be confident and this is it. Helping someone out with daily routine tasks can be really big deal while running and developing a business. If you are able to spent some time a day doing simple tasks and helping people with their stuff, you could really be considering putting yourself out there as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistant job can be very rotational and you can plan your work schedule with the person that you are working for. So you can do this as a side job for the start and just earn some extra money. If you see that being an assistant is going very well for you, you can consider making this a full-time job. But for the start I would recommend you to start this just as a side job, as I already mentioned.

You can start sharing your services at the Upwork as any other online jobs that you can offer. Also a Facebook or Instagram could be really good and free platform to share your skills and get more clients to start with.

I hope you got some ideas of what kind of jobs you can do from home or online at any place. Thank you for reading!

See you on the next post!

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